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Kappa Mu Chapter, Johns Hopkins University


Our pillar of friendship is strengthened through our frequent fellowship events. Fellowships are social (and now virtual) bonding events that foster friendship and community among brothers.
Every semester, there are many types of Fellowships to choose from ranging from 60-participant game shows to 5-brother Smash tournaments. Still, if nothing appeals to you, our Vice Presidents of Fellowship encourage you to coordinate your own fellowship event, where you can choose to have anything you'd like!

Some Past Fellowships

Meet the 

Fellowship VPs

Heyoo! We're Matt and Alex; 2 homies from Mambas who like to go to lab. We're back as your fellowship VPs like we never left. In-person style this time. We have a bunch of fun fun stuff for y'all in store. Can't wait to make this one of the best semesters for our amazing brotherhood! (Feat. Boopus and Dora)
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