Kappa Mu Chapter, Johns Hopkins University

Pledging FAQs

  • What are the requirements for someone interested in rushing Alpha Phi Omega?
Those who would like to be invited to apply to be a part of Alpha Phi Omega must fill out an online application, complete the CSC requirements, and attend at least 1 information session, 2 fellowship events, and 1 service event during Rush Week--but they are welcome to attend as many activities as they would like! The more activities someone attends, the more opportunities they have to bond with their future Brotherhood!
  • What is the selection process for Alpha Phi Omega?

Anyone who completes the minimum requirements is welcome to pledge Alpha Phi Omega.

  • What is the pledging process like?
Pledging is a 9 week process in which you learn about APO and gain skills that will help you become a valuable member of our brotherhood.
  • What is the commitment level of a Pledge?
Each Pledge is expected to attend weekly Pledge Meetings as well as complete 20 service hours, 6 fellowships, and 3 leadership credits.
  • What kind of mentorship program is available?
APO currently consists of 7 families. During the pledging process, you are matched with a family and a brother that will help you through your time in APO.
  • APO is a fraternity, are there only males?
No! Alpha Phi Omega is a gender-inclusive fraternity. It originally started as a male-only organization, but membership was opened to female members in 1976. The use of words such as "brother" is understood to include all genders.
  • Is APO is considered Greek Life?
No. Although we carry Greek Letters, APO is under the Center for Social Concern. While we are not a social fraternity, our three pillars are leadership, friendship, and service; we hope to not only cultivate helping others, but also cultivate a feeling of brotherhood.
  • Does APO haze?

Absolutely not! Hazing is in direct contradiction with everything that Alpha Phi Omega stands for.

To cite the national bylaws:


"An appropriate period of pledging has no place for hazing practices. These include the degradation of individuals, personal service demands, and any other practices inconsistent with the spirit and principles of Alpha Phi Omega... Alpha Phi Omega Members respect the worth of human dignity and, in firm support of our heritage of intellectual freedom, do not tolerate unequal or abusive treatment of any person."

  • Who can I contact if I have more questions about pledging?

The Pledgemasters for the Spring 2021 semester are Emma Griffin and Tirth Bhakta. They can be contacted via this gmail account:


The Pledge Experience



Message From Pledgemasters

Howdy! My name is Tirth Bhakta and I’m a sophomore majoring in Biology and History. As one of your Pledgemasters, I hope to create a wholesome, entertaining, and fulfilling experience for both brothers in our organization and to all the new members that will be joining us!


And my name is Emma Griffin, a sophomore majoring in Molcell and English. As the other pledgemaster (definitely the cooler one), I want to provide community; to give you the opportunity to make a difference; to offer a place where you can grow, not only as an individual, but as a part of the APO family; and to offer support during these troubling times.


As Pledgemasters, we organize rush and lead potential members through the pledging process. For rush, we host numerous events as recruitment efforts and a way for potential members to see what APO is like and if they would be a good fit. Pledging is where a lot of the name comes in, as the name indicates. We teach the pledges what being a part of APO looks like and both the benefits and responsibilities that come with it. Having these pledges become newly initiated brothers is our end goal as pledgemaster, but we support and advise them along the way.